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Our 5-Week Program

Dreams of Oak Ridge Students services and programs produce tremendous value for youths, families and their communities. Our program helps increase the earning power of parents, as well as of youth when they become adults. They also contribute to major savings for society by helping to prevent costly expenditures for health care, public assistance programs, and criminal justice system involvement and incarceration.

Our 5-week program is dedicated to helping your child in earning a scholarship for college through the education and community service that they partake in. The community service half of the program gives students the opportunity to help in the bettering of the environment through lawn care/ yard work. The education part of the program teaches student the value of college preparation, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, fundraising, and lawn mowing/ maintenance. With Doors, your child is guaranteed the opportunity for life changing education and opportunity before they leave for college!

Our Curriculum

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